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About this Site & the Artist

Welcome to I created this site so that I could have a place to show off some of my artwork for anyone who might be interested.

If there is something you need drawn for whatever reason, be it personal or business, for print or web, just hit the "contact" button and drop me an email and I will get back to you with a quote.

Check out the "Gift Shop" while you are here. I will have some of my art available on T-shirts, mugs, Calendars, mouse pads, and of course Framed and unframed prints and posters. You will find some humorous t-shirts that I have designed for sale there also.

Keep checking back because I plan to update this site a lot more often now. I will be working on a revised version of my "Strange Deys" comic strip and try again to get syndicated. Also the funny shirts in the gift shop will be updated quite often.

Enjoy the site, tell your friends, buy a shirt (or 5) - Chris


Quote of the day :

"I suppose no matter what I'm drawing, there will always be some sort of question in my mind about it. A work of art (even cartoon art)is never really finished; it is abandoned." - Brooke McEldowney